About The TTB

The Tipsy Butler, B&B first opened in 2000, with Mary and Jen, two wonderful hostesses who when the time came, selected us to take over and carry the torch back in June 2006.

Sarah, originally from Cambridge, England and lastly from the NYC area, is your current hostess.

With several years under her belt (ok, Sarah’s skirt) in the banking and tourism industries she finally decided it was time to set her sights on bigger, better and more important issues like direct customer service (which she has done well since June 2006, if you don’t believe me check out Trip Advisor, ha! ).

When it comes to service, the one thing Sarah and The Tipsy Butler focuses on is just that, SERVICE.

Though service entails many things, to Sarah service is only about one thing: the Guests, making sure they feel comfortable, happy, satisfied, content, relaxed, and treated like close family (but not like some families in those Thanksgiving Day movies, I should point out).

The Tipsy Butler, B&B, is your destination and making you feel better than being at home, is what its all about. The attention to detail, comfort and convenience is paramount in insuring that your stay at The Tipsy Butler is one you will enjoy and remember for years, and that we’ll be so good at it that you’ll make it “your” every year, or any time go to destination!

So, Welcome! The pleasure is ours.

The Tipsy Butler.



1 Response to About The TTB

  1. Stefan Horlacher says:

    The best for the best from the best !!!!

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